Ever since the original “teddy bear” in 1903 came out, plushies took the world by storm and till this day, a part somewhere in everyones home. 

Typically, Plushies have been in the form of animals or cartoon characters targeted towards children.

We wanted to add variety to the Plush mix. We want to provide unique and high quality plushies that aren’t aimed only towards children. That goal started off with “Baphy the Baphomet”. The Baphomet is a controversial symbol but a widely respected one among many communities, cultures, and subcultures. An opportunity was created to design a bold yet charming plushie that can cater to all those groups that admire the Baphomet.

 We believe plushies are a form of expression, a form in which you can hold and touch. It’s an intimate bond you can have with a piece of art. We want to be able to provide people unique and high quality plushies that can represent them and allow people to bring a unique addition to their household.

How long does an order take?

Orders will usually take less than 24 hours to ship out and less than 3 days to arrive.

What other platforms do you sell on?

Pro Plush also has an Etsy page with 350+ sales and 100+ certified reviews.

Are there returns?

Yes there are!

You have up to 30 days to return your plushie for whatever reason.

How can I contact you?

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